Mayweather vs. Nasukawa: Who Will Win

Mayweather vs. Nasukawa: Who Will Win

Floyd Mayweather and Tenshin Nasukawa are going to be fighting in one of the most interesting exhibition matches that the world has ever seen. Nasukawa is a kickboxer that fights in Japan and other Eastern countries where kickboxing is popular. He is only 20 years old and has already amassed a record of 28-0 and plans to go into MMA in a few years to solidify his place in the fighting world. Mayweather is arguably the greatest boxer of all time with a record of 50-0 and five different world titles. He is also the wealthiest boxer of all time with his exhibition match against Conor McGregor where he took home a reported $300 million from the fight which is by far the largest amount ever. This exhibition match will not harm either of their perfect records as the fight is not official so it will not count against either of their records.

The fight was announced on November 5th during a press conference in Japan but there were some problems as the Japanese promoter, RIZIN, did not clearly communicate all of the exhibition match specifics to Mayweather and his team and talks quickly fell apart after the press conference. Mayweather announced that the fight was off after RIZIN said that they have not finalized the rules for the match. Mayweather said that he only wanted to do a boxing match so there was a large miscommunication on both ends. After a week of negotiations, Mayweather announced that the match was back on and that it would be a boxing only event and would last just 3 rounds that are 3 minutes long.

Most experts and fans believe that Mayweather will have no trouble beating Nasukawa in the ring. The fact that there will be no kicking in the match clearly puts Mayweather ahead of the Japanese fighter in the exhibition fight. Nasukawa recently won a kickboxing bout where he was able to show off some of his boxing skills as he pummelled away at his opponent. Granted, trying to punch a kickboxer and Floyd Mayweather are about the same as trying to walk down the street and land a plane. Nasukawa is going to find out the hard way that Mayweather is arguably the hardest boxer in the world to land a punch on.

Nasukawa might have a chance purely based on how short the rounds are. Each round is only 3 minutes long and there are only 3 rounds so Nasukawa could try and land as many punches as he can in the short amount of time without having the worry about how tired he gets. Mayweather will most likely be able to avoid a majority of the punches thrown. It will be interesting to see how offensive Mayweather gets as there are only 3 rounds so we could see a much more offensive Mayweather as compared to previous fights.

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There are no specifics as to who the judges will be for the exhibition match or how the scoring for the match will be set up. Fans are excited to see the two fight and it will certainly be interesting to see who the judges are for the exhibition match. It would be entertaining to see some celebrity judges try their hand at judging a boxing match.

Who do you think will win the New Year’s Eve match? Watch Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Tenshin Nasukawa highlights on Roar Tube.

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