Mayweather vs Nasukawa Will Not Count on Paper

Mayweather vs Nasukawa Will Not Count on Paper

The Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasukawa is scheduled for New Year’s Eve in Japan at the Saitama Super Arena. Rizin Fighting Federation made a contract with Mayweather where they would decide which one of its fighters would face Mayweather. That is why there was so much confusion at first with the fight as Mayweather did not know who he was fighting. Mayweather also did not know that the event was being viewed on air and thought that the match was only going to be in front of a small exclusive audience. The match will be in front of thousands of fans as the Saitama Super Arena has a capacity of 36,500. The fight will be exclusively a boxing match and there will be no kickboxing allowed in the fight.

One of the interesting caveats of the exhibition match is that it will not count against either of the fighter’s records. That means Mayweather’s 50-0 record will remain as is and Nasukawa’s undefeated 27-0 record will also remain undefeated. There is almost nothing up for stakes here in this match but it will be an entertaining match as many Japanese fans are excited to see Nasukawa box for the first time in a professional setting. There are no titles up for grabs or records on the line so it will be up to the promoters and fighters to draw in crowds and viewership numbers so this fight does not end up being a complete failure.

It will be interesting to see if boxing or MMA fans are interested in this bout as it will be at a strange time in the United States and Europe which could mean lower PPV numbers. Another problem they will have is the exhibition bout is only 3 rounds long that will each only be 3 minutes. A lot of boxing and MMA fans will be turned off that the entire match will only be a maximum of 9 minutes long. There will not be a lot of boxing action in 9 minutes and many experts would be surprised if the bout will have a large audience.

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This is an interesting matchup as Nasukawa does not have any professional experience in the boxing ring.  Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers of all time and is known for his incredible skill and technique. One has to think that Mayweather certainly has the advantage with over 20 years of boxing experience and knowledge. Nasukawa is a rookie in the boxing ring and will have difficulty keeping up with Mayweather’s vast knowledge and experience. But, anything could happen in 9 minutes of action. Nasukawa could come out swinging against Mayweather and bring everything that he has. The bout is not long enough for Nasukawa to get tired so he could bring his best and that could catch Mayweather off guard.

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