Tenshin Nasukawa

Tenshin NasukawaTenshin Nasukawa is a rising star in the kickboxing and MMA world. He last fought an MMA fight back in 2016 and wants to concentrate on kickboxing for the next two or three years and then make a switch to MMA and/or boxing. Nasukawa was born on August 18, 1998 in Japan and is currently the #8 bantamweight in the world by Combat Press. Nasukawa is known as a knockout specialist in the ring.

Nasukawa has been persuaded to go into boxing ever since he has been in the kickboxing ring. It was reported that Nasukawa was offered a $100,000 signing bonus to sign with Teiken Promotions to box. But, Nasukawa turned down the offer as he loves kickboxing too much.

Nasukawa will fight the legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. on New Year’s Eve in Japan in an exhibition match. There have been conflicting reports on if the match was even supposed to take place but then Mayweather confirmed that the match will take place but that it will not be kickboxing and will be boxing. Nasukawa is eager to show his skills off in the boxing ring and the entire fighting world will be watching to see how the two fighters match up.

Tenshin Nasukawa’s Kickboxing Records:

Total Fight27
Height165 cm
Weight55 kg
StyleKickboxing, Karate